My name is Adrien. I'm a web developer for 5 years and an associate at

I worked on ASCIICasts and co-founded JeuWeb and sometimes, I write some stuffs.

I develop in Ruby, PHP and JavaScript.

When I develop in Ruby, I use Ruby on Rails but sometimes I use Sinatra, like this site for example.

I used to develop in plain JavaScript, through CoffeeScript. I have some experience with Backbone, xui, even Brunch.

I also know how to play with Graph API. See more…

I can do some stuff with HTML5 and CSS3, like you can see with the site you're currently reading ;)

Those are the most valuable projects I worked on or I'm currently working on.

In 2004, I co-founded JeuWeb, a community aimed to help french amateur web game developers.

When I have some free time, I take care of the french translation for ASCIICasts, which is RailsCasts.to_s.

Find me on: Twitter, Github, Google/+

I also have a blog where I write some technical articles. Sometimes…

At last, you can mail me with the following: